The Homeless are Revolting

Homeless activists took to the streets last night in the freezing cold to take direct action in a city that seems happy to let them freeze to death.

The evening began with an occupation of a long derelict building in Parnell Square with banners dropped from windows reading "No more deaths on our streets" and "Occupy and Resist".

Following the arrival of the pigs the building was evacuated allowing the police to enter to check the building out, they were promptly locked in and had to wait 10minutes for a bolt cutters to arrive.

The crowd of homeless people and anarchists then took to the streets during rush hour traffic blocking Dublins main thoroughfare O Connell St. Not wanting to be penned in by the pigs the crowd pulled a quick left down a lane and built barricades leaving the pigs behind.

A brief occupation of the shitty Irish fast food chaing "Supermacs" followed in protest at their policy of not allowing homeless people to eat food on the premises.


Polish Police Attack Gay Rights March

Heavily armed riot police arrested more than 65 gays and lesbians who refused to disband when they attempted to hold a gay pride march in the city of Poznan on Saturday.

Last week, Poznan's city administrator refused to issue a parade permit saying that the march would “be a serious danger to social order and property.” Organizers of the parade said that the city government had bowed to pressure from the ruling Law and Justice Party and from the League of Polish Families and Poznan's Roman Catholic Archbishop.

LGBT civil rights group the Campaign Against Homophobia decided to go ahead with the march anyway.

As the LGBT march was coming to an end police took up positions blocking the street. On the sidewalks dozens of members of an ultra-right youth group hurled insults at the marchers.

When gay marchers refused a police order, yelled through a bullhorn, to disband the riot squad moved in. Several marchers sat down in the street in silent protest and were dragged off. Others say they attempted to disband but had nowhere to go because of the riot police at either end of the street marching toward them and a hostile crowd lining the sidewalk.

"They were dragging us around on the street," a demonstrator told the Warsaw Independent news agency.

"I was put in a police car, driven to a police station, and charged with taking part in an illegal gathering," the demonstrator said, adding he will be tried for a misdemeanor.

The Campaign against Homophobia issued statement accusing police of brutality.

(taken from http://www.365gay.com/Newscon05/11/112005poland.htm )


Athens Police Attacked

A group of anarchists mounted a spate of attacks on policemen in central Athens on Wednesday afternoon in the build up to the annual commemoration of the 1973 student uprising.

As a result of the 1973 student uprising, in which 13 people died and hundreds were injured, all state forces are banned from Colleges around Greece. This includes of course the police.

Anarchists threw Molotov cocktails at the policemen guarding the Chemistry University, forcing the policemen to flee. A police car was completely burnt down after the youths forced an officer out of the car. They then attacked the police guarding the main opposition party
PASOK's headquarters.

The police fired back a riot control grenade and the anarchists escaped. Greece has mobilized nearly 6,500 police officers to tighten security in the capital during the annual march honoring the victims of the 1973 student uprising against the country's former military regime beginning on Thursday. Central Athens will be sealed off from Thursday afternoon. The anniversary is traditionally marked by heavy rioting.


Colombia, Kuala Lumpur and South Korea

  • Farmers burned police buses during an anti-government rally in front of National Assembly in Seoul, South Korea, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2005. Thousands of farmers hurled stones and pummeled riot police with wooden sticks to protest a deal opening South Korea's rice market.[ http://www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/agp/free/imf/asia/korea/ ]

  • 2000 riot police and army units are currently outside of a land occupation held by 500 people, mostly poor indigenous families, in Cauca, Colombia. Over the past few days, 1 person has been killed and 37 people have been injured by police beatings and bullets. The situation is tense and they are calling for solidarity emails, letter-writing and publicity because they are worried that without this the police and army will attack. [http://colombia.indymedia.org/news/2005/11/33539.php ]

  • 200 Filipino and Indonesian illegal immigrants staged a brief riot at a Malaysian detention camp on Tuesday, shattering windows and clambering over fences, police said. The detainees were upset because they have been held for several months at the detention centre in eastern Sabah state on Borneo island following a delay in plans to deport them. The men broke through the windows and wooden walls of a cell block where they were being held, then climbed over a security fence to confront immigration officials within the centre.


Drunken Special Branch Pig Goes Down.

Former special-branch member Frank Hayes has pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing the death of Gordon Geary.

The 53 year old retired garda also pleaded guity to charges of drunk-driving and failing to stay at the scene and causing serious injury to three women. He has been remanded on bail for sentencing this December. On the night of July 24th 2004 he managed to get into two different accidents while drunk injuring two women in the first and killing a man in the second. The former garda was working as a cab-driver at the time.

Anarchist murdered in Russia.

Timur was an active member of St. Petersburg's hardcore punk and anarchist-community. On the evening of November 13, Timur became the victim of an attack by nazi scum.
Following a Food Not Bombs action on Vladimirskaya square Timurand a few other kids went to a Bukvoyed bookshop on Ligovsky prospect. Around 7 p.m.he and his friend Max "Zgibov" Zgibai were smoking outside when they were attackedby a group of 8 to 10 nazis.
Timur suffered multiple stab wounds in the neck. Zgibov is in the hospital in a stable condition with five stab wounds. The ambulance arrived in about ten minutes but by then Timur had already died.
Timur Kacharava [21.08.1985 - 13.11.2005]

website: http://www.myspace.com/sandinistaxspbhc


Why hasn't art changed the world yet?

Defastenism, a new current in art circles around Dublin referencing "Dada" (haha!) and other radical art groups. They are yet to make an impact, seems like just another quick one off the wrist for some bohemians with a facade of being radical and challenging - might aswell just join the swp now and be done with it.

The Defastenists see the current cultural apparatus as being obsolete. the museums, the commercial galleries, the academies, the cynical critics and the dull minded curators: These are the cultural paralysis of the end of the last century.

"about as radical as a tootbrush"



- Zerzan, the madman, on art.

France, Belgium, Denmark, Greece - uh oh!

  • It is never possible to see the outcome of a specific struggle in advance. Even a limited struggle can have the most unexpected consequences. The passage from the various insurrections-limited and circumscribed-to revolution can never be guaranteed in advance by any method.

In the wake of two attacks in 24 hours on French targets in Athens and Thessaloniki, police have been put on standby amid fears that youths expressing solidarity with rioters in France could try to cause trouble ahead of Thursday's anniversary of a 1973 student uprising.

  • What the system is afraid of is not these acts of sabotage in themselves, so much as their spreading socially. Every proletarianized individual who disposes of even the most modest means can draw up his or her objectives, alone or along with others. It is materially impossible for the State and capital to police the apparatus of control that operates over the whole social territory. Anyone who really wants to contest the network of control can make their own theoretical and practical contribution. The appearance of the first broken links coincides with the spreading of acts of sabotage. The anonymous practice of social self-liberation could spread to all fields, breaking the codes of prevention put into place by power.

The measures were prompted by yesterday morning's attack on the French Institute in central Athens in which about 50 hooded youths hurled paint at the building's facade, smashed windows and spray-painted anarchist slogans. The attack followed a similar incident outside the French Institute in Thessaloniki on Thursday night, when around 40 anarchists, holding banners expressing their support for rioting youths in France, vandalized the entrance to the building. The youths eluded arrest.

  • Small actions, therefore, easily reproducible, requiring unsophisticated means that are available to all, are by their very simplicity and spontaneity uncontrollable. They make a mockery of even the most advanced technological developments in counter-insurgency.

A group of Greece's local anarchists attacked two car dealerships in central Athens early Sunday, destroying more than 30 automobiles, police said. About 50 youths rampaged through central Athens firebombing Citroen and Mercedes showrooms, which were severely damaged, but no injuries were reported, police said. Firefighters extinguished the blaze in two hours. Police say more than 30 automobiles were destroyed or damaged in the early morning attack, including vehicles parked nearby. Thirty youths taken in for questioning later in the day were released due to lack of evidence.

Text taken from
News Culled from various sites.


"Insurrection" is the first issue of what will hopefully be a long running project to provide more free anarchist analysis and theory on the streets of Dublin.

Some copies are available for free from the table outside red ink bookshop, Temple bar and at most upcoming Anarchist events.

For copies to distribute in your neighbourhood email us.

Much thanks to the people from the Dissent Ireland site for hosting the files.

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Argentina continues her Struggle

Argentina a country at the centre of our global struggle following the popular overthrow of the Government and appropriation of the means of production by workers under the slogan "occupy - resist - produce" has this weekend hosted the Summit of the Free Trade Area of the Americas.
Although the forces of recuperation are hard at work trying to get the country "back on track" and back in line with the Capitalalist neo-liberal agenda street-fighters took over several cities to show that the fight in Argentina is not yet over.

The protesters, armed with large wooden clubs, began smashing storefront windows and setting at least one bank on fire just outside the gated summit security zone. One restaurant with anti-Bush posters plastered across its windows was untouched.

Pictures of argentine resistance.
  • Buenos Aires: 1 + 2
  • Santiago: 1
  • Córdoba: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6
  • Rosario: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5
  • La Plata: 1
  • Neuquén: 1

French Insurrection 2005

This map shows the areas that street-fighting has spread to in france. Although the rioting is described by the media and many leftists as mindless and apolitical it's impossible to deny that this is an insurrection of very oppressed people against a system that has pushed them to far.

All over France young Asian and African youths are taking over their neighbourhoods and sacking them. Attacks on police stations and thousands of burnt out cars has been their reaction to the nature of their oppression, they have nothing to lose so they are out to destroy it all. Impotent leftists denounce them and would rather march against the violence.. http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/L06660116.htm

The police come and hassle us all the time. They ask us for our papers 10 times a day. They treat us like delinquents - especially [Interior Minister Nicolas] Sarkozy. That's not the answer. It would be good to have youth clubs and other places to go - then there would be less trouble. It's not good to burn cars but that's one way of getting attention, so people can come and solve our

Africans living and working in Paris have been pushed into ghettoized suburbs of Paris (banlieue), where the state has withdrawn education, health, and other services, while increasing police presence, checkpoints, raids on sans-papiers and levels of oppression in general. This week the suburbs have exploded.
The trigger came on Thursday, October 27th, 2005, as a group of 10 highschool kids were playing soccer in the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois. When police arrived to do ID checks, the kids ran away and hid, because some of them had no ID. Three of the children hid in an electrical transformer building of EDF and were electrocuted. Two of them, Ziad Benn (17) and Banou Traoré (15), died; the third, Metin (21), was severely injured.
On Saturday morning, 1000 joined in a march organised by religious associations and mosques in Clichy-sous-Bois. Representatives of the Muslim community appealed for calm and marchers wore T-shirts saying mort pour rien ("dead for nothing"). The mayor of Clichy, Claude Dilain, called for an enquiry into the deaths of the two boys. All eyes were on Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. The response? As people were gathering in the mosques for the Night of Destiny, the most sacred night in the month of Ramadan, a night people usually spent at the mosque, the empty streets of the Cité du Chêne Pointu filled with about 400 CRS militant riot police and gendarmes, blocking off the neighborhood. Yet very few people allowed themselves to be provoked into breaking the sanctity of this night, despite racist insults from the police.
On Sunday, however, provocation turned into outrage as the women's prayer room at de Bousquets mosque was teargassed by police. As people stumbled out gasping for air, the policemen called the women "whores", "bitches" and other insults. [indymedia.org]

Let's hope the fighting starts to direct itself more against the state and that french anarchists take up the cause, off the CRS and the Gendarmes, Victory to the fighters of the banlieue!

Freesheet issue one.

Now more than ever we need to look around and accept that this culture of death, capitalism, does not serve our real interests or desires. Our lives have become so dull, selling ourselves by the hour so we can satisfy our urge to consume, counting the seconds until our "leisure time" so we can get fucked up and forget about the monotony we will inevitably return to on monday morning.

We must begin the struggle, learn to act rather than wait, accepting the urgency of the situation we face. We must learn to fight for real and to fight with passion. We must act in solidarity with our comrades all over the world who have already begun fighting. From Chiapas to Chile, Athens to Rossport. The spirit of revolt is regrouping, accepting that Seattle and Genoa are over and learning from our earlier defeats. Our struggle is Global, now let's make it very fucking local. Street by street, block by block

This is our world and we can't stand idly by anymore!

We can't be fooled by elections or reform anymore..

Our struggle is for life.

Fight Foul!