France, Belgium, Denmark, Greece - uh oh!

  • It is never possible to see the outcome of a specific struggle in advance. Even a limited struggle can have the most unexpected consequences. The passage from the various insurrections-limited and circumscribed-to revolution can never be guaranteed in advance by any method.

In the wake of two attacks in 24 hours on French targets in Athens and Thessaloniki, police have been put on standby amid fears that youths expressing solidarity with rioters in France could try to cause trouble ahead of Thursday's anniversary of a 1973 student uprising.

  • What the system is afraid of is not these acts of sabotage in themselves, so much as their spreading socially. Every proletarianized individual who disposes of even the most modest means can draw up his or her objectives, alone or along with others. It is materially impossible for the State and capital to police the apparatus of control that operates over the whole social territory. Anyone who really wants to contest the network of control can make their own theoretical and practical contribution. The appearance of the first broken links coincides with the spreading of acts of sabotage. The anonymous practice of social self-liberation could spread to all fields, breaking the codes of prevention put into place by power.

The measures were prompted by yesterday morning's attack on the French Institute in central Athens in which about 50 hooded youths hurled paint at the building's facade, smashed windows and spray-painted anarchist slogans. The attack followed a similar incident outside the French Institute in Thessaloniki on Thursday night, when around 40 anarchists, holding banners expressing their support for rioting youths in France, vandalized the entrance to the building. The youths eluded arrest.

  • Small actions, therefore, easily reproducible, requiring unsophisticated means that are available to all, are by their very simplicity and spontaneity uncontrollable. They make a mockery of even the most advanced technological developments in counter-insurgency.

A group of Greece's local anarchists attacked two car dealerships in central Athens early Sunday, destroying more than 30 automobiles, police said. About 50 youths rampaged through central Athens firebombing Citroen and Mercedes showrooms, which were severely damaged, but no injuries were reported, police said. Firefighters extinguished the blaze in two hours. Police say more than 30 automobiles were destroyed or damaged in the early morning attack, including vehicles parked nearby. Thirty youths taken in for questioning later in the day were released due to lack of evidence.

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