Freesheet issue one.

Now more than ever we need to look around and accept that this culture of death, capitalism, does not serve our real interests or desires. Our lives have become so dull, selling ourselves by the hour so we can satisfy our urge to consume, counting the seconds until our "leisure time" so we can get fucked up and forget about the monotony we will inevitably return to on monday morning.

We must begin the struggle, learn to act rather than wait, accepting the urgency of the situation we face. We must learn to fight for real and to fight with passion. We must act in solidarity with our comrades all over the world who have already begun fighting. From Chiapas to Chile, Athens to Rossport. The spirit of revolt is regrouping, accepting that Seattle and Genoa are over and learning from our earlier defeats. Our struggle is Global, now let's make it very fucking local. Street by street, block by block

This is our world and we can't stand idly by anymore!

We can't be fooled by elections or reform anymore..

Our struggle is for life.

Fight Foul!


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