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On mayday 2004 we were beaten back along the navan road by riot cops and water cannons. Prevented from having our say on the new enlarged Fortress Europe where money flows freely across borders but people are still thrown in prison and immigrant camps if they’re not from the right countries don’t speak the right language or have the right skin colour.

This is a Europe of exploitation and exclusion. Workers from the countries allowed into our bosses club on mayday 04 can now travel to find jobs and a better standard of life (if they can afford to travel) but end up working for up to half minimum wage on a site or in convenience stores. They are viewed as little more than cheap labour. The Gama workers know the reality of Fortress Europe, allowed in from Turkey only to be treated as slaves and sent home again when their work was done.

Of course we didn’t always believe in having such tight global borders, there was a time when most European countries invaded and occupied the Countries where refugees are now trying to reach the EU from. Once we had used up all their resources and destroyed most of their native cultures we promptly decided they could have their land back and they didn’t have to worry about the famine - Bono, Geldof and the world bank would be along promptly to sort it.

Over 3,000 people have
died in the last ten years trying to reach the relative safety of the West to claim asylum. countless more have made it and been turned away, many face certain death or prison on return to their homeland.
Those who manage to stay are treated no better. Ghettoised all across Europe, immigrant communities have little prospects. Victimised by the police and reactionary politicians they grow restless and angry.

What happened in France is nothing new, immigrants burned the suburbs of Lyon in 1990, Bristol in July
1992 and LA in February 1992. The anger that spilled out onto the streets was not pretty, it was not always directed property destruction or a perfectly co-ordinated attack on their oppressors, the pigs and the state. Their anger exploded, unstoppable, destroying their own communities and beating the pigs off the streets. Some would deny the validity of their struggle because they had no direction, in their blind rage the most oppressed elements of society did not make demands and did not stop to perform symbolic acts of destruction. They destroyed everything. This of course leaves many leftists feeling rather uncomfortable, the uncontrollability of the working classes always does.

The recent rioting across France was feral in it’s unrelenting attacks. Tens of thousands of cars burnt out and ‘les flics’ beaten repeatedly off the streets they once used to harass and intimidate on. This is Fortress Europe under attack from the inside, you can only treat people like shit for so long.